J3 to J4

In J3 and J4, children make the transition from the Rockboro’s Junior School to the Senior School. They encounter an exciting and challenging curriculum taught by motivated and inspiring teachers, many of whom are subject specialists. At this stage, pupils enjoy an in-depth approach to an enhanced curriculum designed to encourage creative and independent thinking. J3 and J4 children benefit from small classes in which dedicated teachers offer individual attention and inspire in each child a sense of confidence in their ability to learn. Children are encouraged to develop their interests outside the classroom and to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by Rockboro.

J3 and J4 children are taught how to do independent research projects and encouraged to both ask questions and seek answers about the world around them.

They are encouraged to complete their homework assignments and to come to class well-prepared. Emphasis is placed on teaching the children to organise their time so that they can become effective independent learners, completing their assignments in an orderly and timely fashion thereby fostering confidence in their academic abilities and leaving time for extra-curricular activities and the pursuit of interests outside the classroom.

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