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  • Whenever your child joins Rockboro School, he or she will be welcomed into an inclusive and happy community in which each child is known and supported. At all levels in our school, from Preschool to J6, your child will encounter a friendly and lively learning environment where he or she is encouraged to think independently and to develop a lifelong love of learning. Children at Rockboro thrive in small classes of 20 or fewer students, where teachers know each student very well and students form strong bonds of friendship with one another. At Rockboro, each individual is valued and this is apparent in the confidence and self-esteem of our pupils. Rockboro is, above all, a happy extended family.

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    Rockboro Pre-School provides a caring and nurturing environment in which children’s skills are developed through a diverse range of activities, play and interaction with others. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers aim to foster a love of learning in the children and to establish the foundations of literacy and numeracy in a fun, happy and structured environment. The teacher/pupil ratio in the Pre-School is 1:10 and a maximum of 20 children attend each day ensuring that each child receives the individual attention he or she needs to flourish. more


  • In the Junior Infants and Senior Infants classes, children are immersed in a happy and supportive classroom environment where they are encouraged by their teachers to become independent and to develop a love of learning and discovery. Our infant programme incorporates the early childhood curriculum framework Aistear. In these important formative years, children continue to build solid foundations in literacy and numeracy in small classes with individualized attention from their teachers. They encounter a wide-ranging and enriched curriculum designed to challenge and stimulate them. Many of the subjects are taught by specialist teachers. At this stage, children are given short homework assignments (with an emphasis on reading) to reinforce their skills and to allow parents to become actively involved in their children’s education.

  • In the J1 and J2 classes, children continue to learn in a lively, fun and supportive classroom environment, nurtured by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who seek to foster confidence and independence in their young pupils. J1 and J2 children enjoy a broad curriculum designed to challenge them to think independently and to instil in them a sense of curiosity. Specialist teachers bring their expertise to many of the subjects taught at this level. Small classes ensure that each child receives the individual attention that is fundamental to academic and personal development during these early years. In addition, children in J1 and J2 participate in enriching co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which broaden and enhance their school experience in such areas as sport, art, music, drama and science.

    J1 and J2 children are given daily homework assignments which serve to extend their skills; reinforce the work done in class; encourage the habit of reading; and enable parents to see the progress their child is making while taking an active role in their child’s education by helping with homework.

  • In J3 and J4, children make the transition from the Rockboro’s Junior School to the Senior School. They encounter an exciting and challenging curriculum taught by motivated and inspiring teachers, many of whom are subject specialists. At this stage, pupils enjoy an in-depth approach to an enhanced curriculum designed to encourage creative and independent thinking. J3 and J4 children benefit from small classes in which dedicated teachers offer individual attention and inspire in each child a sense of confidence in their ability to learn. Children are encouraged to develop their interests outside the classroom and to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by Rockboro.


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    In J5 and J6, our pupils achieve a higher level of responsibility, maturity and academic ability. They are developing strong independent learning skills which they will take with them to the next stages of their academic life. Rockboro offers senior pupils a broad and stimulating curriculum complemented by a wide range of exciting extra-curricular activities. At this stage in their education, J5 and J6 pupils continue to benefit from small classes and individualized attention from teachers who seek to encourage their pupils to develop confidence in themselves as learners and critical thinkers. Senior pupils develop the art of public speaking throughout the school year with J6 pupils receiving one hour of instruction per week in the subject culminating in a speech at their graduation ceremony in June. In addition to their studies, J6 pupils are offered academic preparation for secondary school assessment exams. more

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